Tour de France 2022

Tour de france 2022 in Denmark

Heka has been very engaged in the Tour de France, which started in Denmark on 1 July 2022. It has been a great success for us to be so visible in the world's biggest sporting event - not least in the media.

Twice, in April and June, a television team from the nationwide TV2 News broadcast news directly from Heka Dental's production facilities in Denmark. It has been both in connection with the French presidential election and most recently with the background of the Tour de France. Heka's Oluf Christian Olsen has been interviewed both times, due to his in-depth knowledge of France and French culture.

Throughout June, we have had a special exhibition at the entrance of House of Industry at the town hall square in Copenhagen, next to Tivoli. The House of Industry is a focal point for Danish trade and exports, and during June it was visited by high-ranking politicians from all over the world, foreign delegations, and many others, including dentists. Many have taken the time for a chat and to get some information about Heka and our dental units.

Confederation of Danish Industry has also produced an article in their latest member magazine based on the Tour and focusing on Heka Dental and the great progress we have experienced on the export markets, not least in France.

Your can read the article here

Beginning on Avenue de Champs Elysées

As a natural consequence of Heka's fantastic development on the major export markets, in October 2022 we participated in the unveiling of the Tour de France route for 2022, on that occasion we exhibited our Heka S+ dental unit on the world's most beautiful avenue – it is, of course, the Avenue de Champs Elysées in Paris.

The exhibition took place outside the Maison du Danemark.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark

We were so privileged to have the opportunity to present our beautiful and ergonomic dental unit to HRH Crown Prince Frederik.

"I carry a love for the French and for France in my heart", quote from His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. At Heka, we have the same feelings towards the French and France.

This is why in recent years we have developed several products based on the needs and traditions of the French market for dental materials.

The event allowed us to spend time with some of our key partners in France to discuss future initiatives to further promote the positive development of sales in France.

A big thank you to our French partners who chose to share this beautiful and special day with us!

News article by Dansk Industri

Dansk Industri has printed an article about Heka's participation in Tour de France in its members’ newsletter, DI Business.

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