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Heka Dental adapts quality and design to the individual demands made by our customers.

Heka Dental A/S have supplied dental treatment centers to dentists, the world over, since 1965 and are now a leading supplier of dental treatment centers in Scandinavia.

It is a family-run business with all its production, development and administration centralized in Denmark.

To ensure each dentist the best possible guidance and information, the delivery, installation and servicing is taken care of by an extensive and well-trained network of agents.

You are always welcome to visit us or contact us with any questions or ideas or to learn more about Heka Dental.

Heka Dental has a long history and was founded in 1965 by the two brothers Henning and Karl Christensen (hence the name He-Ka).

At first, Heka Dental served as a regular dental depot.

Karl worked at today’s leading dental depot, and during a visit to the Milan exhibition, he became acquainted with the dental treatment units from Italy.

When Karl returns from Milan, he suggests that his employer must begin importing Italian units.

Karl’s boss is not exactly excited, and he has no interest in starting this project. Karl asks if he cannot import the units himself, and then work on this in his spare time.

This was the birth of Heka Dental, and the brothers sold a dental treatment center here and there. After some years though, it is getting a little problematic for Henning and Karl to find time for work, company and family.

At the same time, Benny Steen Nielsen is looking for an opportunity to have his own business. Benny discovers that Heka Dental is for sale.

Before he buys the business, he does a small market research. Benny calls 100 dentists, he has found in the “Yellow Pages”. He asks a simple question: “Do you know Heka Dental?”. The result was clear – no one had ever heard of Heka Dental.

However, Benny was always a great optimist, and his conclusion was so clear: “If no one knows the company, then there is a huge potential for growth!”.

Benny Steen Nielsen buys Heka Dental in 1975 and after a short while, the company moves to new premises in Copenhagen.

Collaborative agreements with different suppliers are being concluded and expanded, and Heka Dental acts as a distributor for Scandinavia.

Heka Dental develops steadily in the following years. In the early 80’s, however, it became increasingly difficult to cooperate with the Italian manufacturer. Dentists must wait a long time for spare parts – more and more dentists express their dissatisfaction!

At Scandefa in 1982, Benny talks with a female dentist who is dissatisfied with the waiting times for parts for her unit. She suggests Benny that he should begin the development of a Danish-produced dental unit.

The dentist has the arguments in order, so she convinces Benny Steen Nielsen that it is a good idea. She says, among other things, “My husband is an engineer so he can develop the technical solutions. I am a dentist so I can tell what dentists really need. ”

A collaboration is established to change the history, and 3 years later, Heka Dental are be able to present its first dental treatment center at Scandefa. The dental treatment center is named UNIC. However, it never actually enters the stage of manufacturing.

A year later, in 1986, Heka Dental is ready with UNIC 5, which is then launched at Scandefa.

UNIC 5 quickly becomes a big success in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland

In 1994, Heka Dental introduced UnicLine 5D. This dental treatment center goes directly against the general trends in the market. All other manufacturers developed units with more and more plastic, but Heka Dental introduces a dental treatment center made from 100% aluminum.

In 2007, Heka-Dental launched the brand new UNIC, a masterpiece in design created in collaboration with the internationally renowned designer David Lewis. The goal of UNIC has been to take as much as possible of something familiar and homely into the dental practice and create a dental treatment center focusing on the human element throughout the process – from the patient to the dentist and dental assistant, and even to the service engineer.

By 2016, the UnicLine S dental care unit was launched. UnicLine S is a beautiful, functional treatment center in Nordic design. The choice of aluminum is retained as a base material, but now it is accompanied by glass to create some beautiful surfaces that are also hygienic and efficient to work with thanks to the integrated touch displays. UnicLine S creates a comfortable and relaxed environment for patient and dentist and is the most ergonomic unit that Heka Dental has so far produced.

Lighting has also been an extremely important element in our work on UnicLine S, e.g. the dentist and dental assistant are able to see the active instrument from the corner of their eyes and thereby they are able to stay focused on the patient’s mouth without having to look round. Using the correct light is what we call lighting ergonomics.

In the spring of 2021, Heka introduced two additional new dental care unit – the Heka S+ and Heka G+, which are ready to meet the future.

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