We are proud to present some of our qualified employees.

Each employee has different language skills, but generally we can provide customer support in Danish, German, English, French, Spanish, Arabic and in the Nordic languages

Asbjørn Helwiig Nielsen, Heka Dental A/S
Asbjørn Helwiig Nielsen
Bjørn Friis, Heka Dental A/S
Bjørn Friis
Market Manager
Oluf Christian Olsen, Heka Dental A/S
Oluf Christian Olsen
Market Manager
Thomas Frismark Van Nek, Heka Dental A/S
Thomas Frismark van Nek
Market Manager
Hana Ouerfelli
Customer support
Anna Kristina Rosén, Heka Dental A/S
Anna Kristina Rosén
Customer support
Marianne Enevoldsen, Heka Dental A/S
Marianne Enevoldsen
Customer support
Camilla Skovholm Leander, Heka Dental
Camilla Skovholm Leander
Customer support
Christina Bertelsen, Heka Dental A/S
Christina Bertelsen
Kim Rasmussen, Heka Dental A/S
Kim Rasmussen
Marketing Manager
Brian Hansen, Heka Dental A/S
Brian Hansen
Technical Advisor
Jesper Seyfarth, Heka Dental A/S
Jesper Seyfarth
Technical Advisor
Palle Jensen, Heka Dental A/S
Palle Jensen
Technical Advisor
Morten Gleie, Heka Dental A/S
Morten Gleie
Quality Manager
Annette Nielsen, Heka Dental A/S
Annette Nielsen

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