Faro Dental Lamps

For more than 40 years, Heka Dental has been the general agent for Faro lamps in Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway and Sweden) and therefore has the expertise and knowledge about the individual products. You are welcome to contact us for further information.

Faro Light - Reproducing natural light

The human body is designed to live in nature, according to the rhythms dictated by sunlight.

Due to the natural production of serotonin (during sunlight hours) and melatonin (during hours of darkness), our biorhythm makes us more productive during the day and more prone to rest at night. The seasons also affect our biorhythm: during the Summer the greater amount of light makes us more active, while during the Winter the scarcity of light makes us more tired and needing more rest.

However, our work life, pushes toward a different rhythm, regulated by productivity requirements; the consequence of this “forced” adaptation is a source of significant stress to our bodies. One of the most effective methods to reduce this type of stress is to make sure that the light our eyes receive from the work environment is as similar as possible (quantity and quality) to sunlight.

Technology, innovation and wellbeing

FARO always partners with Research Institutes and Universities in order to develop products that satisfy the actual needs of doctors and patients.

Our FARO systems have in fact been designed to offer an optimal scialytic effect, high colour rendering (CRI) and luminous efficacy with a constant colour temperature for every intensity adjustment level of the lamps.

The patented design is the perfect synthesis between aesthetics and functionality and with the EVA, ALYA and MAIA lamps, we set a new reference for LED technology and for the future of professional lighting.


When choosing a dental lamp, we must consider a few critical characteristics to determine its light quality. Any artificial light source has to faithfully reproduce the colours of the illuminated objects, materials and body tissues, which many vary based on the colour temperature and colour render index of the source. It’s all crucial to achieve a successful result in any activity.

Even sunlight has an effect on colour perception: as the daylight hours or the seasons change, we see colours differently. For this reason, it is important to have a light source that, at any time, allows the doctor to obtain precise information.

All FARO lamps include intensity adjustment so that the visual function can capture minute details of the operating field with minimal effort, while keeping a constant colour temperature.


Exposure to a correct and effective light source brings about an energizing effect and decreases the sense of fatigue that tends to naturally increase throughout the day.

Good quality vision drastically reduces the risk of stress overload, muscle and emotional tension and the related neuralgia such as migraines and headaches, pain, and human musculoskeletal system pathologies.

Visual fatigue and eye strain, beside the risk of ocular pathologies, also affects your mood and may have an indirect effect on your mood and the emotional perception of good health and well-being.

Getting a quality and branded lamp, to the professionals means higher vision, comfort and performance all day long. To the patient it means to ease discomforts and stress, improve confidence and trust in the doctor’s practice and that the patient will choose that clinic again.

EVA tunable white - the dental lamp

EVA marks a new age of technology by offering the highest standard of visual comfort and lighting experience to the medical team and the patient.

EVA recreates the ideal vision for a perfect balance of colour and depth.

You can recognize every little detail of biological tissues, outlines and surfaces in an elliptical spot that is specific for the oral cavity.

Bright bulb

The bright bulb on the lamp head immediately shows the level of illuminance and colour temperature


The patented, unique, reflected-light optical design ensures a well-defined light spot, preventing glare for patients.

Color temperature

Select the ideal color temperature for dental practice: 5700K, 5000K, 4000K and 2700K Composave function.

Ideal for high concentration and 3d perception for tooth shades detection, prosthetics and conservative

Ideal for orthodontics, conservative and pediatric dentistry

Ideal for surgery

Composave to avoid curing

EVA sunlight - the dental lamp

EVA Sunlight provides a new generation of Sunlike LED, to benefit from the illumination, colour rendering and well-being as similar as the natural sunlight.

It drives the operator through tiny details for an increasingly reliable, efficient and comfortable view. The bright bulb on the head shows the level of illumination in use.

The bright bulb on the lamp head immediately shows the level of illuminance and colour temperature.

The patented, unique, reflected-light optical design ensures a well-defined light spot, preventing glare for patients

Available with Faro Screen


Designed specifically for EVA lamp, FARO SCREEN improves communication with the patient, avoiding any contamination to the head light.

The integrated mirror improves the communication with the patient in order to:

  • Inform about the pathologies
  • Explain the therapies
  • Understand his expectations

THEIATECH is the LED lighting system that can be integrated in the rear arm of the ALYA and EVA dental lamps and to improve visibility in the pre-operative area, while balancing the illumination of the operative areas and reducing visual fatigue for the doctor, assistant and patient.

The THEIATECH system is the answer to legislative requirements for visual performance and comfort in indoor operative areas.



EVA CAM is the operating lamp with integrated professional camera available in SUNLIGHT and TUNABLE WHITE versions.

  • Ideal for real time pics and videos to share and compare live and remotely.
  • The zoom is specific for dental practice to ensure direct and precise framing.
  • The foot control allows no interruptive procedure to keep the attention on the operating field.

EVA CAM is the best partner for constant and effective communication with the patient, colleagues and students and it enables a comprehensive and accurate record for diagnosis, treatment and traceability.




Easy and intuitive native software for Windows, Mac and Android Resolution: 4K Stable focus with a wide field
Access and share photo and video via email on any device without editing Video format: MP4 Precise focus on the point of interest
Foot pedal with cable and wireless (optional) Photo format: JPG No need to seek for the focus compared to the autofocus
Standard lens: 25mm
Optional lens: 16mm
MAIA Dental Led Lamp

Maia is the ideal choice for all dentists searching for a professional LED lamp, a reliable solution, long lasting and with high-level lighting performance at a competitive price.

High definition of the spotlight

The accurate definition of the MAIA dental lamp luminous spot eliminates the risk of glare, safeguarding the eyes of patients and medical team.

The FARO reflective light’s exclusive patented optical project avoids direct exposure to the two LED sources used. The 258 small reflecting facets of each reflector guarantee a completely uniform lighted field of 170 x 95 mm.


Progressive adjustment

The electronic lighting control can be activated by joystick, sensor or dental unit. it adjusts the light from maximum to minimum continuous intensity, while maintaining constant colour temperature.

Automatic saving

Automatic saving of the light intensity used, after shutting off the dental unit and after the rinse function.

Scialytic effect

Minimum dimensions of the actual shadow required by legislation: ø 12mm. the scialytic effect of the maia dental lamp generates an ellipse of only 9 x 6 mm

Rotation 2-d / 3-d (optional)

Perfect balancing of the 2d system rotating on the two axes of the head.

As an option, there is a 3d system rotating on a third axis that makes it possible to achieve better positioning of the light beam.


Versatile and functional

  • Automatic saving of the light intensity used
  • Handles removable and autoclavable
  • 2d-3d head rotation optional
  • 2d-3d head rotation optional
  • 2d-3d head rotation optional
Product specifications - MAIA



Power Supply with transformer 230 Vac +/- 10% – 50/60 Hz
Power Supply with power pack 90-264 Vac – 47-63Hz
Power Supply without power pack 17-24 Vac – 50-60 Hz 22-35 Vdc
Absorbed Power max 26 VA
Lux from 3.000 to 35.000 (at 700 mm of distance)
Lighting Spot 205 x 100 mm (at 700 mm of distance)
Cooling system static heat sink (no fan required)
Handles removable and autoclavable
Ceiling applications

Ceiling applications (with or without transformer) complete with cover, column Ø 60 mm with pivot Ø 35 mm. The M8 X 50 mm plugs which are provided have a capacity of 400 kg (guaranteed value for applications in a wall of compacted concrete).

Duo Application

“DUO” is a new ceiling fixing system which meets the diverse needs of the medical cabinet.

Its ergonomic combination makes the most of the work area allowing complete freedom of movement. In particular, the version with dual lamp offers the possibility of enhancing the illumination of the surgical field and increases the scialytic effect of the lamps, giving more comfort to the doctor and his team.

Possible Applications - Solutions available
LED Lamp + LED Lamp Ergonomic Solution 1

For those who practice surgery, this solution offers the possibility to increase the illumination of the surgical field and to increase the scialytic effect giving more comfort to the doctor and his team.

Light control
Adjustable power from 3,000 to 50,000 Lux on each lamp.

Adjustable light
To illuminate the most difficult areas you can control two lamps individually.

Scialytic effect
The scialytic effect of Faro’s optical system further reduces shadows thanks to the use of two ALYA lamps.

LED Lamp + Fixed arm for monitor ergonomic solution 2

The benefits of a complete and elegant system, optimizing your workspace.

Practical position
Monitor out of sight of the patient with the possible rotation of the arm.

Video position
Allows patients to view movies or clips.

Working position
Adjustable screen at eye level for the job, to avoid muscle tension.

LED Lamp + Articulated arm for monitor ergonomic solution 3

With the articulated adjustable monitor arm everything is possible, raise or lower the screen: the choice is yours! The communication with the patient is much more intuitive, the images at the service of the treatment.

Head position
Facilitates communication with the patient and the explanation of the treatment.

Video position
Allows patients to view movies or clips.

Working position
Adjustable screen at eye level for the job, to avoid muscle tension.

LED Lamp + Camera arm - ergonomic solution 4

With the camera arm you can record your interventions and take pictures from any angle. The universal connection allows the coupling of your favourite equipment customizing your workstation.

The universal mounting system allows the installation of your choice of equipment.

The articulated arm allows each movement with precision and handling to facilitate all your shots.

Camera Arm + Articulated arm for monitor - ergonomic solution 5

Ceiling mounting of a Monitor arm with a Camera arm.

LED Lamp + Tray holder arm - solution 6

The simplest solution and ergonomic for the installation of an additional bearing surface.

Lifted position
The upper position allows greater flexibility of movement and access to the sink.

By lowering the shelf to 70 cm you will get the best working position.

The correct position to allow a complete action of the light beam.

Arms with Tray

The new tray holder arm designed and produced by FARO, has been conceived as a real support intended to have everything you need to work close at hand. The new tray holder arm has a completely refurbished design and enhanced performance.

The new tray holder arm has the ability to move the support table in all directions with a new design, while keeping it perfectly aligned.

Excellent stability under load

thanks to the renewed tray that guarantees a great solidity and a perfect planarity in every position

Ergonomic tray

that naturally supports the practitioner’s grip

well-finished design for a perfect family feeling

Medical Device
marked as Class I Medical Device in compliance with 93/42 EEC Directive

Innovative and easy load-locking system

innovative and easy load-locking system that allows the tray to hold considerable loads and memorize the chosen position

Other applications

Wall mounting applications
Wall mounting for monitor and lamps arms.

Floor mounting applications
Floor mounting complete with base and Ø 60 mm column with pivot Ø 35 mm.

Pole mounting applications – single arm
Fixed adapter lamp or arms holder for Ø 50 and Ø 60 mm columns.

Pole mounting applications – multi arm
Multi-arm Jaw adapter for lamps, arms, cameras and inside with an innovative fixing system which does not need mounting holes.

Inquiry for Faro Dental Lamps
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FARO always partners with Research Institutes and Universities in order to develop products that satisfy the actual needs of doctors and patients
Designed to offer an optimal scialytic effect, high colour rendering (CRI) and luminous efficacy
The perfect synthesis between aesthetics and functionality
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