Dental practice

Guillén Guzmán, Madrid, Spain

Dental practice "Guillén Guzmán"

Heka's Export Manager Thomas Frismark van Nek visits the dental practice "Guillén Guzmán", which has installed a unit; a UnicLine S from the Danish manufacturer Heka Dental. Thomas is interested in the history and development of the practice and speaks with Dr. Paula Guillén, the owner of the practice.

The history of Guillén Guzmán

Thomas: "What is the history of this practice?"

Dr. Paula Guillén: "Well, it's an old building in Madrid, more than 100 years old. It's in the centre of Madrid and we fell in love with the place when we saw it.

I've been working for more than ten years, and my dream was to set up my own practice; and what better place than in the center of Madrid.

I learned about Heka's equipment through TienDental, and I saw it for the first time at ExpoDental.

Well, actually, I had already seen it online, but for the first time in real life it was at the fair."

Dr. Paula Guillén

"It was like... if I may compare, like an Apple mobile phone"

Thomas: "And what was your impression of the equipment (unit), were you curious, did you want to know more?"

Dr. Paula Guillén: "I was struck by the fact that it was a completely different type of unit".

Thomas: "In what way"?

Dr. Paula Guillén: "In the way that it's very ergonomic, and I would say it's very minimalist, very digital, and it doesn't have the traditional instrument suspension... which sometimes causes so many problems".

Thanks to the balanced suspension, the instruments are individually balanced and provide the right working options in terms of ergonomics.

Dr. Paula Guillén: "I have to say that my husband, who is not a dentist, got excited about the equipment, he thought it was like... if I may compare, like an Apple mobile phone, and that's what we liked best. Of course, I had to try the unit to find out if it was suitable for my work and for my patients, and I did, and I'm delighted.

They are people I trust

Dr. Paula Guillén is very satisfied with the collaboration with TienDental.

Thomas: "And our distributor TienDental, did you have any knowledge of them before you made the decision for this practice?"

Dr. Paula Guillén: "That's right, TienDental .... I have a lot of confidence in them because I have known them throughout the whole process of creating the practice" ... "They have helped me a lot throughout the process. It has really been a plus that they recommended the Heka equipment to me; they are people I trust".

When I saw the unit, I thought it fit perfectly

Thomas: "The style of this practice seems a bit like a Nordic style to me"?

Dr. Paula Guillén: "Yes".

Thomas: "Is there a particular reason for having this design?"

Dr. Paula Guillén: "Because I like it. The truth is that this Nordic design - simple, clean - I've always liked it, and when I saw the unit, I thought it fit perfectly."

Thomas: "And it's easy for you and your assistant to get close to the patient with this type of chair?"

Dr. Paula Guillén: "Yes... it's wide at the end, it's wide at the bottom, but at the top it's pear-shaped, so it's slim, so you can get closer to the patient without any problems, so that's also a plus."

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