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Husum Square Dentist Center, Denmark

It's a well-made product, so you know what you're getting

Mano Khalilipour became a dentist 11 years ago. A few years after graduating, Mano was given the opportunity to take over a practice, located at the same address as now, but on the 1st floor. After a few years, Dansk Bank closes its branch on the ground floor and the chance to have the practice moved down to street level presents itself.

The practice on the 1st floor also has 5 treatment rooms, but they are very small and, moreover, some of the practice's patients are elderly and need either a walker or a wheelchair. So Mano took the opportunity to create a delicious architect-designed practice, which creates an ideal setting for both the practice's employees and patients.

The 5 treatment rooms each have their own complete color theme, where art, the upholstery color of the HEKA dental chair and the color of the drinking mug are kept in the same colour shade. As an employed dentist, Mano worked on a HEKA unit and Mano states "that it is a very solid brand on the market". Both the older generation of dentists and the new dentists have all worked with HEKA and Mano elaborates that "it's a well-made product, so you know what you're getting".

My assistant can switch places with me

Mano has HEKA units of the UNIC type in all 5 treatment rooms. This means that the entire system will work the same and the patient will have the same experience regardless of the treatment room. The same applies to the dentists and dental assistants who use the practice as a training practice. Mano's own employed dentists are also happy with the HEKA units, "they are actually quite excited, they can see that it is an easy unit to work with".

Ease of service also plays a role, and their service partner Dental Montering can carry out service quickly and precisely. "When it's a Danish product, I know what I'm getting and, secondly, I know that a technician can quickly come in and help me," says Mano.

In addition, Mano emphasizes that the unit is minimalist, which is easy to work on and makes it easy to get close to the patient. "It is not that heavy, e.g. the instrument panel is quite easy to move up and down", and that it stays in the desired position is important, "because otherwise you may use a lot of effort and have problems in your shoulders when you get home". The HEKA unit also provides excellent flexibility in daily work. "You can pull the suction over to the other side and my assistant can switch places with me. It makes everything much easier”.

I have some equipment I can trust

Other advantages include the foot pedal, where Mano has chosen the round type, "no matter in which position I move and turn, I can press the lower strap and it will be activated", so it is not necessary to hold on in one specific position to work ergonomically. So there is an ergonomic line through the unit from the operating lamp over the delivery system and the chair and down to the foot pedal. "You cannot find the flexibility you have in all units".

The future for Mano lies in the current practice. It is centrally located in an area that Mano knows very well. Mano has full confidence in his employees and "I have some equipment I can trust". There is good potential in the practice.

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