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Bayswater Dental Surgery, United Kingdom

- a state of the art practice in Central London

The two owners, Dr. Raj and Dr. Bindesh have many specialist treatments and do not compromise with the equipment. They both use the UnicLine S, which among other things is equipped with iOptima from Bien Air designed for root canal treatment and with regard to operating light, the use of Theiatech from Faro improves visibility in the pre-operative area. In addition, the operating light and the unit's ambient lighting (matching the clinic's color design) contribute to the overall well-being of the clinical environment.

We should get these chairs

When Dr. Raj and Dr. Bindesh decided to create their new practice from scratch, Heka was introduced by their dental partner, Anglian Dental. "We originally heard it from Murray (Murray Welch, Anglian Dental) who was the project manager of the brand-new surgery". Based on pictures and advice from Anglian Dental, Dr. Raj went to Denmark to visit Heka and look at the production. Dr. Raj was pleasantly surprised. He had pictured a traditional production environment with oil, grease and noise. He was met by a well-organized, clean and high-tech production. Dr. Raj elaborates "look at these chairs... I saw something different and at that moment Dr. Bindesh and I knew immediately, we should get these chairs”.

The most beautiful dental chair I have ever seen

The unit's design was clearly something special, "I still look at it now, and it's the most beautiful dental chair I have ever seen". However, there are also aspects other than the design that were decisive for their choice, e.g., ergonomics and the movement of the instrument table "it's really light, the movement is very smooth. You just move it to where you want, and it just stays there … you need no pressure”. The two dentists also notice the patients' reaction when they come to the practice. They often hear from the patients "oh my god, it looks very high tech". And as Dr. Raj says, "they know that they are coming into one of the bosses’ surgeries". Finally, the two owners praise Anglian Dental as an excellent service and collaboration partner.

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