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Tandpraksis van der Heide, Holland

Dentalair’s flexibility and knowledge is truly brilliant!

“In 2009, I took over a practice at Bodegraven. Because the building was built in 1905, was impractical and required a lot of maintenance, I already had the idea of ​​moving in the future. I saw Edwin Koldenhof from Dentalair regularly visit my old employer. It always went well. When I took over the practice in 2009, I contacted him about it.

It clicked right away. Axel van der Heide explains how this led to his current modern and attractive Van der Heide dental practice in dentistry and implantology. “In 2014, the idea arose of a medical center in Bodegraven, where disciplines from primary and secondary care are under one roof, and which offer a wide range of care. We looked at several providers, but found the entire range at Dentalair extremely practical. The big advantage is that everything is under one roof: construction, equipment, small items and interior construction. It was eventually decided to use equipment, smaller items and interior construction. ”


“We spotted an old school building. A lovely building, but unfortunately not practically furnished. Because renovations would ultimately be more expensive, and because we could not get enough parking spaces on our own side, we chose new construction. We moved to our new practice in October 2017. For our dental business, we have chosen a smaller clinical look than the other parties in the building, for example with a second floor and a unique, personal look of treatment rooms and waiting rooms. The layout has increased efficiency and the walking route is much shorter. All in all, this creates a lot of peace and quiet. “The look and feel of our practice was provided by Arda Evers of Heartbeat Marketing.


“We looked at several possible treatment units not only from a technical but also from a dentist point of view. In the end, we chose the Heka Unicline S. A good example is the sensor circuit against suction of the suction hose that is not in use. In addition, the unit is made of durable materials such as glass and aluminum. As a result, it discolors less quickly and it still looks nice. In addition, the comfort of treatment chairs was a point of attention. A relaxed patient makes it easier for the dentist. That’s why I chose a soft foam coating. We also take the water quality of treatment units very seriously. With the Dentapure cartridge from Dentalair, we easily comply with the new WIP guideline. It can also be easily installed hiddin in our treatment unit. ”


“I am just happy with the result. Making decisions based on a construction drawing can be quite difficult and you always run into various issues during a construction process. It can be very annoying, but you just have to specify it and it is always solved immediately very creatively and practically by the professional Dentalair technicians. Their flexibility is really brilliant, which is great! ”

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