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The Orthodontists - Hvidovre, Danmark

You sit comfortably

The Orthodontists I/S consists of two practices, a smaller one in Albertslund and a larger one in Hvidovre. Helle Larsen, who is a dental assistant, works at the practice in Hvidovre. She has been involved from the start in 2012. As many as 6 municipalities use The Orthodontists IS' facilities as a joint orthodontic practice, and thus the customer base is around 40,000 patients.

At the Hvidovre practice there is a wide selection of units from HEKA; UnicLine 5D, UNIC and UnicLine S. The individual treatment rooms are not that big and therefore, according to Helle, it is important that you have a unit that is easily accessible; "we need some small, simple units that you can get around". Helle elaborates on her attitude to UnicLine S as follows, "it is good to work on, you sit comfortably on it, you can lay the patients down, so you sit comfortably in your own working position".

There is no counter force

The long telescopic suction arm on HEKA's units offers some ergonomic advantages; "you can pull it close ... even if you sit and work alone and need the suction, you can also have it right next to you, that's an advantage".

Ergonomic pluses are also to be found in the delivery tray, which "isn't anything heavy to pull, it moves relatively easily" and also in the balanced instruments, "I like the experience of what it's like to sit and work with. And there you can feel the fact that you don't get tired of holding it (micromotor), there is no counter force”.

I'm very satisfied

The primary work tool for Helle is the HEKA unit and 90% of the time is spent here. Helle concludes; "I'm very satisfied with the chair, I'm happy to work on it" and our service partner, Scandinavisk Dentalservice, is also praised for delivering a really good job, especially "if it's urgent, they're quick about it".

Scandinavisk Dentalservice

Meet Scandinavisk Dentalservice in this short YouTube video. Skandinavisk Dentalservice is the service partner at The Orthodontists I/S in Hvidovre

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