Dental practice

The Municipal Dental Care Center, Holstebro, Denmark

17 Heka units in the practice

The Municipal Dental Care center in both Lemvig and Holstebro municipalities belongs to the Dental Care in Northwest Jutland. Both practices are serviced by Vestjydsk Dental. The practice in Holstebro is located in a beautiful public health building, whose interior architecture could easily lead the mind to an art museum. The style is minimalistic and the practice has several inviting and bright treatment rooms, where a total of 17 HEKA units of the UnicLine S type and two units of another manufacturer have been installed.

There is more free space

In a very special practice room, a little extra has been made of the decor, where all HEKA chairs have red upholstery and there is a red light on the unit's console and in the spittoon.

Tanja is a dental assistant and has approx. 20 years of experience. She expresses general satisfaction with the HEKA units, "I don't think I have heard anyone who has spoken badly about the chair" and elaborates "it is not too wide ... there is more free space."

It's a luxury when it's there

Tanja also highlights the telescopic arm with suction, where the functions typically used by the clinic assistant are found, and is happy with the flexibility the telescopic arm gives her, "it's great that you can move it around... I have my own patients and then I can pull it over ”.

Tanja also touches on some concrete adaptation options on the chair itself in connection with work in the upper and lower jaw, "when we talk about job descriptions and positions, this one (UnicLine S) is clearly better... I don't really think that people think over it when you don't have it, but it's a luxury when it's there". There are several therapists who each have their own approach, and here the easy adaptation and approach also play a significant role.

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