Donation to Bukoba, Tanzania

Donation of spare parts for UnicLine 5D in Bukoba, Tanzania

HEKA has once again donated spare parts for a UnicLine 5D in Bukoba, Tanzania. Bukoba is a city with a population of 144,938 (2022), located in the northwestern part of Tanzania on the southwestern shore of Lake Victoria.

The dental unit, manufactured in 2001, was donated by the clinic Tandstøberiet in Nykøbing Mors and was sent to Bukoba Town Health Centre in December 2019 in Morsø U-Landsforening's 40-foot container with equipment for institutions, clinics, hospitals, and schools in Bukoba.

HEKA has previously donated various spare parts to the unit and clinic in Bukoba, and during a visit by Morsø U-Landsforening in June 2023, they brought a new mainboard and transformer for the unit, which should ensure its continued operation for many years to come.


Tandstøberiet has provided Heka with some background information on the chair in Bukoba.

"In 2008, we moved to new premises and on that occasion, we received new units for the 5th and 6th treatment rooms. The chairs and other equipment that were no longer needed but still usable were given a new life in Bukoba through Morsø U Landsforening. The chair that you have now given new life to was our 6th unit, which was given away after one of our dentists retired, and a new unit had to be installed for continued use of the treatment room.

Today, we have a box where we collect worn-out instruments, and when there is a trip to Bukoba, the box is emptied.

We have received a photo of the chair from Bukoba, and we find it amusing that the chair and the instruments are far apart, but the explanation is simple: they mostly extract teeth and therefore do not need the instruments on the bridge.

Our intention in giving the equipment to Bukoba has been to ensure that it is reused where it can continue to be useful and help improve their dental health. Why throw things away when others can benefit from them?"

Dr. Eunias Ntangeki

Dr. Eunias Ntangeki is the chief medical officer at Bukoba Town Health Centre, which is operated by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania Northwestern Diocese.

Morsø U-Landsforening is a voluntary association that aims to support various projects and activities in Bukoba, Tanzania, which is the twinned city of Morsø Municipality in Africa.

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