Launch of Heka S+ and Heka G+

Successful launch of Heka S+ and Heka G+

On April 8th, 2021 Heka Dental launched two new dental care units - the Heka S+ and Heka G+.

Heka S+ continues the traditional line of products with balanced instruments and clean lines with glass surfaces featuring an integrated display.

The Heka G+ is based on all the best from the Heka S+ but is designed with the traditional delivery system with hanging hoses.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, we were unable to invite our partners to physically attend the event, and instead chose to live stream the launch to all our partners.

We are very happy with the prospects for the Heka S and G+, which have been very well received by both our partners and by the dentists.

Heka Black Edition draws a lot of attention

Heka S+ and Heka G+ have drawn a lot of interest from our partners as well as dentists.

Heka is the first unit manufacturer to introduce black glass surfaces on dental care units, a new option we are very proud of.

Black Edition has a sharp, modern look and elevates the overall design in any practice. The choice between black and white is mostly a matter of taste and temperament.

Black edition is available at no extra costs.

The success of the Heka S+ and G+ Black Edition has lead to a later introduction of black glass surfaces on the UnicLine S and UnicLine S Pillar as well, so all units now are available with white or black glass.

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