HEKA Days 2024

HEKA Days 2024

At the end of May 2024, we organised HEKA Days with more than 70 participants from our distributors from 15 nations across Europe. This special event marked our move to a new location where we have redesigned our production from the ground up to efficiently manufacture high-quality dental chairs.

Des installations de production modernes

During Heka Days, we had the pleasure of welcoming our closest European partners with a tour of our new, modern facilities. In addition, exciting lectures on current topics in sales, production and product technology provided valuable insights and inspiration for all participants.

Dîner dans la salle de production

A special experience was the lunch and dinner, which was held in the centre of our production room. In everyday life, this area serves as a lounge for our staff where they can relax during breaks, hold meetings or even borrow a good book from the company's internal library. During Heka Days, the area was transformed into an elegant dining room where our guests could enjoy delicious meals in a unique and inspiring setting.

We are delighted to have finally had the opportunity to showcase our new customised production to a wide range of our international distributors. The new factory represents a major step forward for Heka and our continued dedication to delivering world-class dental chairs.

A big thank you to all those who contributed to spreading inspiration and networking across countries. We look forward to many more years of successful collaboration and joint growth with our European partners.

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