Dentists Bekker-Gregersen, Trørød, DK

A beautiful clinic in a Nordic and stylish design

At Tandlægerne Bekker-Gregersen in Trørød, with the help of Focus Dental, they have created a beautiful clinic in a Nordic and stylish design.

Pernille Gregersen, who is the owner of the clinic, states: "They (Focus Dental) have been with us throughout and helped us to set up to create a clinic that was more up-to-date ... with a little touch of coziness".

The choice of UnicLine S for the clinic was very easy

The choice of UnicLine S for the clinic was very easy for Pernille, who elaborates, "these are some incredibly beautiful units and I fell for the streamlined look".

Pernille has not previously worked on Heka units, but getting used to it has not caused any problems, "it has worked very well from day one".

UnicLine S is an excellent example of how design and practical aspects come together well and the patients also have an attitude towards the unit, "we have a nice touch area which is easy to clean, and the patients love that there is light in the spittoon”. This contributes to giving the patient "a delicious experience of going to the dentist".

I'm in control

Another important thing that Pernille emphasizes in her daily work is the balance-spring suspension of the instruments, which gives her the following clear advantage "it's easy to hold, it's not like you sit and struggle to hold on to his instrument”. The chair has been chosen with memory upholstery, which contributes to good comments from the patients, "this new chair is nice". When the treatment begins and ends, Pernille greatly appreciates that the arm set with the dashboard is moved with ease, "I'm in control", she says.

Operational reliability

In conclusion, Pernille highlights a special option on the unit that provides security and ensures operational reliability, namely the bottled water system. "When the water goes, now it was a water pipe that burst in Holte and it spread all over the municipality. Then we could just fill the bottle with water inside the unit and still drive".

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