Dental practice

Vennesla Tannhelsesenter, Norway

We would like to thank Dental Sør for assistance in the construction of the new Vennesla Tannhelsesenter AS. Buying and furnishing / building a dental center of 300 square meters is a very comprehensive process where it is important to have experienced people around you to spar with along the way.

Our collaboration, especially with Eddie Brandsvoll, has been particularly important to us, as we were in negotiations about the purchase of the raw material itself and the furnishing of this in one and the same store. Eddie was also an important contributor to the developer during the construction itself and helped to ensure that everything went according to plan.

We must also thank Rasim Maksumic for the work with drawing and thus the design of the clinic’s floor plan and Trygve Lea for good guidance regarding equipment and the room decor itself.

A good preparation and good agreements as well as quality assurance during the actual implementation made everything very easy for us and ensured predictability throughout the entire process until the start-up in the new premises.

We thrive in new premises and look forward to the future.

Dental Sør is highly recommended by us!


Camilla Helms
Camilla Thorvaldsen
Owners Vennesla Tannhelsesenter AS

Images and description courtesy of:
Dental sør

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