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The Dentists Kulturtorvet, Skanderborg, Denmark

The best decision I have made

In the center of Skanderborg you find the modern and attractive dental practice, The Dentists Kulturtorvet. Fulya Beck Schmidt is a dentist and the practice owner. The staff includes, among other things, 3 dentists who have good working conditions in the 3 bright treatment rooms, which are all furnished with UnicLine S units from Heka Dental.

About 1 year after Fulya takes over the clinic, a major renovation is carried out in 2018, and in this connection, they want to furnish the clinic with UnicLine S as the optimal unit, because, as Fulya says, "We want a unit that fits the Practice’s size. And we would also like to have a reliable unit that can last for many years". Fulya, who also performs operations, demands that "the unit I will use must be practical, both I and my assistants must be able to get around it, even when there are both surgical machines and an operating table".

I was also recommended Heka by some of my dental colleagues

When treating patients in a standing position, the Heka unit also works perfectly, "I have tried different units, but in the end, I came to the decision that I should have a UnicLine S, which I think suited me best... I have not regretted that decision".

Again, Fulya emphasizes the importance that the rest of the staff and patients also thrive and are satisfied with the units. "I have also had a patient who switched dentists to us because of our dental chair".

When the practice had to be furnished back in 2018, Fulya looked at many types of units and chairs. She found keywords such as ergonomics, practicality, design and operational reliability in the Heka unit.

"Of course, I was also recommended Heka by some of my dental colleagues". The practice’s service partner, Dent Support, has also contributed with good advice on the Heka unit. "I think it was fantastic that Matti (from Dent Support) was involved from the start with the renovation... they are also today still responsible for service and maintenance in the practice".

Overall, the practice is completely satisfied with Dent Support as a service partner.

I'm actually sitting really well

Christina, who is a dentist at the practice and has been with the team since the renovation, is happy with her work at The Dentists Kulturtorvet. When Christina has to evaluate the UnicLine S as a work tool, the working position is highlighted as a big plus. "As a starting point, I'm actually sitting really well".

In some other units that Christina has worked on, in her opinion it may well be problematic that there is not enough legroom. This is not the case with UnicLine S, "I think that there is space under this unit (chair) for both me and my dental assistant".

Christina also praises the OP lamp on the Heka unit for being powerful and clear, "I'm also quite excited about the light in the lamp, I like that it's white, I love white light, I'm not too happy with such yellow-something-light”.

Christina also touches on the importance of the balanced instruments, "I think it's great that there is nothing that pulls on me, that is, pulls back... I would say that in everyday life you don't think that there is something that pulls back, but as soon as you sit on a unit that does it, you think about it".

Dent Support

Meet Dent Support in this short YouTube video. Dent Support are a service partners at Analgene Dentists Kulturtorvet,

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