Dental practice

Claus Traberg, Viborg, Denmark

35 years of experience

Claus has 35 years of experience as a dentist, of which 25 years as an independent dentist. Claus has had his current practice for 7 years. It has 3 treatment rooms and employs a dental hygienist and 3 dental assistants in addition to various support staff.

UnicLine 5D

The practice is centrally located in Viborg in a modern combined office and healthcare building. Claus' service partner is AB Dental Service in Silkeborg, who has furnished the practice and equipped the treatment rooms with units from Heka Dental of the UnicLine 5D type.

The collaboration with AB Dental Service goes back a long way, "I've had Jan on the sidelines for all the 25 years I've been a (self-employed) dentist" ... "a really good collaboration, always good for advice and always professional at my fingertips".

Part of our DNA, it's the units

Claus has good experience with HEKA equipment. It's been 25 years since Claus first sat down at a UNIC 5D and "I got excited about it right away", says Claus, who describes himself as a bit of a tech geek. The technical insight also means that Claus knows very well what is operationally reliable, "things can become so over-fancy that it makes no sense in my world. A unit is a piece of tool that must work logically and stably". Here, UnicLine 5D lives up to Claus' expectations.

In the practice, not only the high operational reliability plays a significant role, but also the practical aspects around cleaning and maintenance. "Part of our DNA, it's the units" ... "we know them, and we know how to handle them in daily life with maintenance - we always make sure they always look nice". For Claus, the practice must act as a showcase for the professional quality he will stand for. Things are taken care of, and their UnicLine 5D units look almost like new after 7 years of use.

It will be a HEKA

Claus is approaching 60 and is looking forward to the future. There are no immediate plans for retirement, but with a large and untapped potential at the practice, a master plan for the future must soon be drawn up. There is great joy in the profession and the many lovely and faithful patients, where you talk openly and straight out of the box. There is also great joy in working with an exceptionally skilled staff.

The practice has another treatment room, which will eventually be put into use. The room must have a HEKA Unit, "I can't think of anything else - it will be a HEKA. And of course, you also have to keep up with the times, so it will be the latest (UnicLine S)".

AB Dental

Meet AB Dental in this short YouTube video. AB Dental is the service partner at Claus Traberg in Viborg,

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