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Municipal dental care, Vejle, Denmark

They will be fine on this chair

In Vejle, all dental care has been brought together in a large health center. This is a large dental practice with, among other things, 20 bright and inviting treatment rooms for children and young people. Service partner is Dent Support. Dental hygienist Tine and dental assistant Marianne use the Heka unit called UnicLine S in their daily work.

Marianne has 49 years of experience and has a clear attitude towards what is important to the patient. First of all, the patient must have good support and lie well in the chair, and at their children's dental care practice it is of great importance that the chair can fit very young children and older children and "they will be fine on this chair". There is no need to put a pillow underneath to make an ergonomic adjustment. In addition, one is happy with the headrest with a hole in it; "it's actually really smart with this necrecst with a hole, because there are many people who have ponytails".

Does not seem frightening to children

Their UnicLine S is equipped with automatic water flushing of instruments, which helps to get ready for the next patient faster. "It also means something in our daily lives that we have a flushing system that works quickly and easily". The unit is centrally located in a relatively small treatment room, and precisely where the space conditions are not terribly large, it gives a good impression with a unit whose physical framework fits well with the room and does not seem frightening to children, "I think that this one has a good size, it doesn't seem violent, like when you come in and say stop - it's just a chair after all".

It's easy to clean

Tine has been a dental hygienist for 20 years and shares Marianne's views on UnicLine S and also highlights the ergonomics of the chair itself, "I think that the children - both the little ones and the big ones - lie significantly better in this chair". The instrument arm's many positioning options provide flexible working conditions. After treatment, the arm with the instrument panel can be driven all the way over to the dental assistant, "but it's also nice, on the other hand, when we have to take an X-ray, that it can then be moved all the way down". In a busy everyday life with many patients, the easy cleaning of the UnicLine S is highlighted as being positive. "It's easy to clean, these are some good surfaces". It is easy and clear”.

Meet Dent Support in this short YouTube video. Dent Support is the service partner at the Municipal dental care in Vejle.

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