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The Dentists, Aarhus Island, Denmark

Newly established practice

The Dentists Aarhus Island is a relatively newly established practice located in a new exciting residential area close to the water, which is experiencing great growth and the practice owner, Anders Heide, sees the location as attractive with a population increase of around 8,000 in the near future. It is the first practice in the area and thus starts in a completely new segment. Anders also has a practice located in the Aarhus suburb of Lystrup.

It has good ergonomics

Dental 2000, who services the practice's equipment, has had an influence on the practice's design and Anders is quite satisfied with the result, "I personally think that it is a quite practical, i.e. an efficient practice... but it is also nice". According to Anders, Tommy Bøjstrup from Dental 2000 has been perfect for solving all the practical aspects of the practice's creation. When the choice of which units will be in the practice must be made, Anders Heide has the following wish, "I want something that looks proper and something I know, that feels good in the hands and it must also be something that is operationally reliable”.

Dental 2000 has therefore recommended UnicLine S from HEKA Dental, and "it works, it does", says Anders. From the Lystrup practice, Anders has experience with some other units, which unfortunately are not as reliable and therefore Anders wants the HEKA UnicLine S to replace the existing ones. Anders is also very satisfied with the chair itself, "it has good ergonomics, and you can get under the patient, and it can also take a few kilos, I have already experienced".

Two UnicLine S, "probably more soon"

Currently the practice has two UnicLine S, "probably more soon", says Anders. In addition to relying on Dental 2000 and their expertise, Anders also used the word-of-mouth method when the choice fell on HEKA. Thus, a dentist colleague has confirmed the operational reliability of the HEKA units, "it's like pure raw colleague to colleague, to hear if things are working".

The future for the practice looks bright and exciting. New customers come straight through the door and there are many applications from dentists who want to work at the practice, "there is attention around it".

It's super genius

For practice assistant Annemarie Dalhoff, it is new to work on a UnicLine S. "A really good feature is the flushing". (automatic water flushing of instruments). "It's super genius" ... and then you know it's done on all instruments". Annemarie also notices the unit's suction; "perfectly long suction hoses, they can reach far, even if you stand up". In the end, Annemarie stresses that UnicLine S with its glass surfaces looks good when cleaned with "some harsh products"... glass is more resistant to this kind of thing".

Dental 2000

Meet Dental 2000 in this short YouTube video. Dental 2000 is a service partner at The Dentists, Aarhus Island,

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