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Apollonia Tannlegesenter Stavanger, Norway

In December 2009, Apollonia Dental Center expanded its practice right in the heart of Stavanger.

The practice is the closest neighbor to the city’s most famous building where the Nokas robbery took place a few years ago. One of the dentists witnessed the actual robbery from the lunch room.

The new part consists entirely of units from Heka Dental.

The decor of the treatment rooms is from Climo. The entrances to each treatment room are made of glass and provide a light atmosphere in the premises.

In the sterile room, glass plates have been used on large parts of the wall surfaces. This gives an elegant transparent effect at the same time as it is completely optimal from a hygienic point of view.

The couple Rigmor Flatebø and Geir Førland look forward every day to working in their new facilities

We thank you for being part of the project from drawing to finished clinic and the delivery of, among other things: Heka Unic and Heka Unic Line units, Climo furnishings, light rafts from D-tec, X-rays, saddles, dishwasher, Cleankeys, etc.

Photographer Jan Inge Haga 03 2011

Images and description courtesy of:
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