Terms for email newsletter subscriptions

Last updated: 2018-05-01
Version 1.0

When you subscribe to our email newsletter you give your consent to receive Heka Dental’s newsletter at the email address provided via email. We usually send up to 4 emails per year though this can vary.

Email newsletters may contain information on marketing of our products and those of our suppliers and information on product news etc.
Your email address will not be sold or shared. Your data will only be used by Heka Dental and our employees to inform you about subjects we consider may of interest to you.

If you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletter you can do so via the link provided in the newsletter or by contacting info@heka-dental.dk.

You have the right to view any data Heka Dental has stored about you as well as any consents we have registered and request to correct these or delete them completely.

If you wish to view or correct the data we have registered about you or if you wish to no longer be registered with your email address and other data by Heka Dental, you can contact us at any time at info@heka-dental.dk with your request(s).

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